Pitman’s Initial Teaching Alphabet (39 Letters and 18 Compound Letters)
The Roman Alphabet letter’s have been regularized and expanded to teach easy English reading.
b c d f g h j k l  
bed cat dawg fish goat hat jug key lion  
m n p r s t v w y z
man nest pet rock sun table voice win yet zig
Simple Vowel Letters
a e ee i o oo u
apple engine eel
(ee = final y)
insect hot book umbrella
New letters for Long Vowel Sounds
angel ice oat ooze / moon fuel (ew)
/ y    
auto (aw) owl (ow) oil (oy)    
Compound letters and their Replacements
wh ch sh zh kh  
whale cheetch shawn zhan
(th) th gh ph (ng)  
Thor Theen
Arrow Irak Ark Orly Earl Elmo
Extra letters
q x
Ado Quill X-ray

*c is either the sound of "k" or "s".
*q is the same sound as "k".
*x is the same sound as "ks".
*y at the end of a word is the same sound as"ee".
* is only used to make rare compound letters , e, , and
Sample Pitman Sentence
Thu qwik br n fox jumpt v • lezy dg.
(The quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dawg.)